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Grandma Shades - Lamp Shades
Lamp Shades takes A LOT of air space when you transport them. What if you could send them in an envelope instead of in a container?

The Grandma Shades is a collection of voluminous light shades that folds totally flat to take minimum space during transportation. The nostalgic shades Anna Barbara, Hildur and Brita are inspired and named after our grandmas.The shades has an unlimited amount of possibilities in terms of mixing materials, colours, patterns with different cord combinations.

We invite you to customize your grandma shade! Start by picking the shade of your choice - then your cord set! The Grandma Shades comes in three sizes and all of them fits the E27 socket. We recommend you to use and LED as the light source.

For Technical Specification and inquiry please send us an email or call us up!