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We got invited to a competition to create airport seating for the future. With the amount of time we spend in airports we quickly had an idea of what we wanted to create. The result was featured in the June 2011 issue of Passenger Terminal World magazine.

Drift Wood
As travellers waiting on an airport we form clusters like driftwood. Seating areas becomes islands of interaction as we briefly meet then drift away to our different destinations. With this metaphor as a base we created these islands for resting and contemplation as time and fellow travellers drift by.

The islands are designed for a flexible use allowing the possibility to sit down and rest your legs, take a quick nap or snack or plug in your computer to work on the go. The flexibility of the seating allows you to sit comfortably alone, with a friend or in a group.

Environmental impact
The main materials used are recycled wood/plastic composite and Eco-Intelligent Polyester created by recycled polyester for soft sections. Recycled wood/plastic composite lumber is one of the prime uses for recycled plastic trash bags and waste wood fibers.