We have worked with Doro for a number of years and contributed Industrial Design services for many of their current products. Our great collaboration with Doro won some much earned recognition as the iF Award jury picked the Doro Secure 580 to receive the iF Product Design Award 2015!


Research Project. Using Design Fiction can be powerful driver for innovation. Here an example with IKEA where we visualised a possible near future in the shape of an IKEA catalogue. Question was: What could the future bring to IKEA if they incorporate IoT technology into their products and what new possible business models would that bring? The catalogue is used to spark discussions and drive strategic work as well as innovation.



A collection that encourages you to look into flexibility of products, materials and spaces. All pieces are based on natural, renewable recycled and sustainable materials.


Designed for comfort and versatility, the Companion Sofa is a 3-seater sofa or an extra bed when you have a friend staying over. Place the back cushion of the sofa on the companion bench/table to create seating for more people.


A place for rest and recreation. Durable materials and simple functionality make it the perfect piece for homes where space efficiency and flexibility are key. The seat features a hidden drawer for storing blankets and pillows.


A sound absorbent room divider with a functional grid for accessories such as pockets and hangers. The knotted weave is inspired by Japanese prayer notes. Omikuji’s are small paper notes on which you write down your personal wishes and prayers. The paper notes are then folded and tied onto a string in or near a temple.


Architectural line is a minimalist family of aquariums designed for Akvarieleasing in 2017. Visual lightness was a clear priority in the design, with an unobtrusive concept that seems to almost challenge physics. Laminated glass aligns with a matte lacquered metal frame and LED profiles are found underneath the tanks to give extra décor light in the room. The family consists of three models:

– Brace is a tall aquarium with a cross-brace structure.
– Modular is a mix of an aquarium and paludarium.
– The Wall aquarium with and innovative design.

SIFE 2017

Everyone knows the value of Scandinavian design and its principles like functionality as a driving force, minimalist beauty, social responsibility and more. Yet, how much can we absorb of those values through the filter of our personal background?

With our contemporary Scandinavian Design Village concept, we wanted to help the Shenzhen Furniture Exhibition (Ed. 2017) visitors embrace the real Scandinavian essence, experience it with fresh eyes and genuine curiosity. They could go through a stylized village composed by design product archetypes that have been reduced to their minimum core. Any element was as big as a little kid could perceive it, in order to really question yourself about the substance and not be fooled by the form that adult eyes tend to look at.

What really is a chair? What is table? What makes a house your home? It’s up to you to find out…


Created by experienced travellers for experienced travellers, the PAKT One has room for everything you need and nothing you don’t. With thoughtful features perfected from five + years of global travel testing, this bag is uniquely designed to make getting from point A to point B less painful and more enjoyable.


Building Folkhemmet with the Internet of Things – The project set out to tackle two goals. First, to map and predict the size, focus and commercial potential of IoT for the already existing consumer-product companies as well as consumer-facing IoT start-ups in Sweden today. Second, to identify common problems – be it technologies, toolkits, infrastructure, design competence, creative disruptions in business modelling or spectrum access – for this sector, both from the developer and end-user perspectives. This brochure present the key points of the project report. The report is the result of the joint work of Boris Design Studio, Ericsson, Husqvarna, IKEA, SICS, KTH, Stockholm University and Mobile Life.


Research project on bodily awareness together with Mobilelife and IKEA. The Soma Carpet helps you find deep focus through heat. Integrated elements are triggered by words and will heat up. The carpet has integrated speakers that guides you with sound on what side of the body to focus on. By engaging your senses a deeper and more focused relaxation can be obtained.


The Rosary lamp is a sustainable LED lamp, all coatings are water based and the lamp is designed for easy disassembly. This is one of the selection of our award winning lamp and light designs.


Plants and music make us happy! So why not combine the two? The Bloombox is a planter table with an integrated wireless speaker system. A smart water indicator tells you the water level so you know when to water your plants – helping you to keep the plants happy too!