A collection that encourages you to look into flexibility of products, materials and spaces. All pieces are based on natural, renewable recycled and sustainable materials.


Designed for comfort and versatility, the Companion Sofa is a 3-seater sofa or an extra bed when you have a friend staying over. Place the back cushion of the sofa on the companion bench/table to create seating for more people.


A place for rest and recreation. Durable materials and simple functionality make it the perfect piece for homes where space efficiency and flexibility are key. The seat features a hidden drawer for storing blankets and pillows.


A sound absorbent room divider with a functional grid for accessories such as pockets and hangers. The knotted weave is inspired by Japanese prayer notes. Omikuji’s are small paper notes on which you write down your personal wishes and prayers. The paper notes are then folded and tied onto a string in or near a temple.